Consulting, Classes, and Speaking



As a consultant, my specialties are designing systems for situational awareness, mapping and geography, software architecture, mobile support, and building multi-disciplinary software teams. I will work with your leadership to take a product from idea to production, developing the tools and team to manage its lifecycle and drive continued innovation and user-satisfaction.

Expert Software Development Services

I am and always will be passionate about coding. I learned to read between Dr. Seuss and the TI-99/4A BASIC example programs (my dad was also a tech nut back in the day). Writing code is a part of me, and something that I will do no matter how long I organize teams, start startups, and manage lifecycles.

I have written, maintained, and architected software in most of the major programming languages and several of the obscure ones. I am most at home in full-stack web application environments, mobile software, web APIs, and in constructing data science applications.

I take pride in code quality, and developing maintainable software that can be handed off to a team, or developed within that team.

Technology Shortlist

I have a wide familiarity with technology, languages, and frameworks. This is a shortlist of some of the tools I most often work with:

I am fluent with Linux, both Debian-based distros like Ubuntu and RedHat based distros like RHEL and CentOS.

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