Versatile data scientist and software consultant specializing in collaboration tools, APIs, geospatial data, and visualization.


Interactive, custom web-mapping makes your mobile-based app stand out from the crowd. I can take your data and make it sing to your customers. My solutions are scalable and work on your website, in your mobile app, or in your application.

Custom data science for business insights and academic work. I can take complex data and methods and turn them into code and analysis for repeatable, high-performance insights.

Customized open-source collaboration tools. I can make your data accessible and open to your team and to far-flung colleagues using open source tools for information, knowledge management, and deeply customized content sharing.


Jeff understood quickly what we wanted, scrubbed our messy data, and produced a custom map that was exactly what we wanted–and on time. (Lisa Chensvold. Director of Communications International Executive Service Corps)

Project Portfolio

Financial Inclusion in Lebanon.

Client: International Executive Service Corps.

Task: Create a publication quality map that shows the current distribution of microfinance institutions in Lebanon, for the purposes of presenting to a granting body. (2016)

Reference Contact: Lisa Chensvold. Director of Communications.


An ORM and API generator for RethinkDB, Python 3, and Flask.

Terrapyn Geospatial CMS.

An Open Source CMS and API for geospatial data, built using Python, Django, and Open Source geospatial tools.

Hydroshare (project technical lead while at RENCI).

An Open Source CMS and API for hydrological data.

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